Bankview Mural

In 2015, Cam Hoff and I collaborated on a mural project in Bankview – a neighbourhood in southwest Calgary. After designing and presenting our concept, we enlisted community members to help paint the mural which will be a feature within the community for years to come.


Design: Slugger
Photos: Jason Dorn

Prior to the painting of the mural, the Bankview Community Hall sported an uneven peach colour. Over the years, graffiti had been painted over and colour matching had been an issue. Thankfully our mural painting corresponded with a re-painting of the entire hall, which certainly made the mural look better as well as inform some of our colour choices.


Image Transfer

Primed and Ready

Community Help!



The surface of the wall made painting a challenge. The porous nature of stucco meant we used quite a bit more paint and time than expected.

The mural was warmly received by the community of Bankview. We're happy to have contributed to something that brightens up the playground and will be part of the community into the future.