The Dandy Brewing Company

I have had the great pleasure of working with The Dandy Brewing Company on a few projects over the past year or so. In the summer of 2017, I was the artist in residence, and created a brewing zine and have since created some additional graphics as well as a poster to celebrate the opening of their new space.

2017 – 2018

Zine Printing: ColourCode
Poster Printing: Burnt Toast

Cover Detail

I brought forth the loose idea of making a brewing zine out of personal curiosity about the process of making beer.

Not long into the process, I learned that brewing beer is fairly straightforward and that a step-by-step guide would have been kind of boring. However, I found that the conversations I was having with the 4 founders about their philosophy and approach were far more interesting so I decided to document them instead. Brewing A Dandy is the resulting zine.

The zine explores the overarching philosphy of Dandy and their brewing process and hopefully lends some insight into what has made them one of Calgary’s most popular craft breweries.

Several conversations are pieced together to create the text. Topics such as ingredients, brewing, recipe development, and more are discussed and accompanied by illustration, telling the story of a handful of guys and their pursuit of creating amazing beer.

The 20 page zine and was risograph printed by the good folks at Colour Code in 2 colours — black and metallic gold. Limited copies may still be available at the brewery.

In early 2018, Dandy moved into their new space with increased brewing and seating capacity. I was invited to be included in a poster show to celebrate the opening along with a handful of others, with posters screenprinted by Burnt Toast Studio. My poster is inspired by Dandy’s monocle-wearing octopus logo and printed in the same aesthetic as the zine.