Neighbourhoods First

I worked with Calgary City Councillor, Evan Woolley and his office to create a zine to highlight some of the issues and stories taking place in his ward.

The piece was printed on a single sheet on newsprint and was distributed along with the May edition of Beatroute, and again when Evan ran for office for the second time in 2017.

I handled the design and illustration while Twyla Yacyshyn created the playful lettering in the titles and pull-quotes.

2016 – 2017

Design & Illustration: Chris Pecora
Lettering: Twyla Yacyshyn
Editor: Brieanne Biblow

Illustration: The Future of Transportation

Neighbourhoods First includes 4 articles of local and city-wide concern as well as a general infographic. The challenge was to present the information in an interesting way and to speak to the unique demographic of Ward 8.

Portrait of Evan Woolley

Illustration: Economic Diversification

Illustration: Affordable Housing

Illustration: The House in the Heart of Rouleauville