This Machine

This Machine was a poster show I put together in 2016. I invited 10 artists/designers/illustrators to participate and create a limited-edition, screenprinted poster around the theme of cycling. Posters were sold and funds were raised to purchase and install an urban bike repair stand (stay tuned for an update on that!). Mega thanks to everyone who helped make this event happen and to the artists who donated their work to the cause.

My poster was based on an experience many cyclists share (backed by super official research).


Printing: Burnt Toast
Gallery: The Uncommons

The posters turned out so well thanks to the artists and the printing of Burnt Toast Studios. Opening night was a riot and was well attended by both the cycling and local creative community.

Work by (L–R): Todd Macfie, Cam Hoff, Daniel Cristini, Chris Pecora, Shauna Hartsook, Jacinta Pecora, Tyler Lemermeyer, Sebastian Abboud, Marc Rimmer, and Morgan Curley.

I asked Twitter if anyone shared my experience in swallowing a bug while cycling. I learned that most people did, and also heard some great stories of other bug-related cycling incidents.

The results are in. Most of you have eaten bugs.